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25 November 2007
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Cool FDrench

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Not much to write home about you might think but attitudes towards food have changed and the food has improved quite a bit. It used to be a big deal to stick to die Mahlzeiten, the correct eating times. Some families still insist on having lunch between 12pm and 1.30pm and the so called Kaffee at 4pm sharp. With longer and flexible working hours this is all changing.
Younger people often prefer a light fusion of European and Asian food. Vietnamese is quite popular and so are small diners. Sandwich shops are mushrooming all over.
Traditionally German food is based on potatoes and bread. You should definitely try a good hearty potato based meal in a traditional German restaurant. You might also have heard about or even had Abendbrot, dinner, consisting of bread and cold cuts.
So enjoy this chapter and Guten Appetit or Mahlzeit!

(* = familiar, ** = very familiar, *** = vulgar, s = slang, Lit. = Literally)

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