Independent Study Assignments
Health 340

1. Conduct a review of the information available on health behavior risks by comparing the CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) with the MN Student Survey titled Perspectives on Youth (available at: any survey data from your school (your local school has a summary of its own data from MN Student Survey but you may need to ask your Principal for permission to view it) or you can use info you have collected or observed on health risk behaviors of adolescents.  Your comparison should culminate in a 3-5 page typed paper identifying how you feel the major health risks of students across the country and in MN compares with the risks of the students you teach.  Finally, you should include some ideas about what topics are most important for you to cover in order to deal with these risks.
National YRBS data is available at

2. Conduct an interview with a designated person from the MN Coordinated School Health unit - Dr. Papenfuss can help you identify people here (interview questions) OR attend one of the training workshops for health educators sponsored by the DCFL with the approval of Dr. Papenfuss.  Healthy Happenings (the Mn Coordinated School Health Publication) provides information about upcoming trainings as does the website for Coordinated School Health at:
To get on the mailing list for Healthy Happenings contact Peg Heaver at or 651 284-3822

3. Write a description of what is meant by “Coordinated (or Comprehensive) School Health Programs” citing at least three sources.  You can check the CDC web site, or use journal articles, and/or information from MN DCFL.  Choose any two components of the CSHP to assess (using the assessment tools provided) and analyze how you might work with these components to improve their contribution to Comprehensive School Health at your school.
CDC at:
MN Coordinated School Health at:
School Health Index (for assessment tools) at:

4. Choose one of the performance packages for Health on the Grad Rule web site at:  that is appropriate to the age group that you teach.  Review and summarize it then describe how it is or could be incorporated into your curriculum.

5.   Complete the reading quizzes for the assigned chapters of the text Health Is Academic.
Quiz 1 Study Guide
Quiz 2 Study Guide
Quiz 3 Study Guide