Concordia College Hypervelocity Dust Accelerator

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Vacuum Description

General Operation


Vacuum Description

The dust accelerator is separated into two vacuum chambers.  The first is the CP chamber.  This chamber is brought down to a pressure of 10^-3 torr by a mechanical roughing pump.  Once this is achieved, a diffusion pump is used to bring the pressure down to 10^-6 torr.  The region from the Van de Graaf tank to the CP chamber is evacuated by a separate vacuum system.  Again, a mechanical roughing pump is used to bring the pressure down to 10^-3 torr.  Once this pressure is achieved, a turbo pump is used to achieve a pressure of 10^-6 torr.  An ion gauge is installed in each line to measure pressures below 10^-5 torr.  In addition, thermocouples are also installed throughout the system to measure pressures throughout the roughing stage.