Concordia College Hypervelocity Dust Accelerator

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Vacuum Description

General Operation


Detector Chamber

The detector chamber has been given the nickname, The Corn Popper, or CP for short.  It consists of two main parts: the chamber which holds experimental tools and the vacuum system.  The chamber is cylindrical and has a horizontal working space of 26”.  The stage within the chamber is 19” by 11”.  The height from the stage to the top of the chamber is 13”.  The stage can be externally actuated to move 2” in both the x and y directions.  The ability to move the stage allows multiple areas of the sample to be hit with particles without having to manually move the sample.

Devices within the chamber are connected via a multi-terminal receptacle located on the wall of the chamber.  This receptacle leads either to banana-jack board or to several cables with BNC terminations. 

If the CP chamber is not adequate for experiments, it could be removed and a new chamber could be attached.  This makes the dust accelerator very adaptable to a wide range of experiments.

View of the height of the inner chamber and pin connections. The height of the chamber from the stage to the top of the chamber is approximately 13".


View of the moveable stage. The stage has a width of approximately 19". The entire chamber has a width of approximately 26".