Designed to teach fundamentals, rules,
techniques and methods in golf
Instructor: Duane Siverson | E-Mail
 Phone 299-4160
Concordia College

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Grading Plan/Requirements
1. Outside Reading - 20 Points - Locate, read, and write an abstract on a golf article pertaining to teaching methodology. Indicate the source of the article and write a concluding paragraph on the relative merits of the article as it relates to a high school teaching situation.

2. Group Presentation - 20 Points - A group lesson plan and presentation on one of the five major golf rules to be taught and discussed in class.

3. Knowledge Exam - 75 Points - Seventy-five questions on techniques, rules, terms, and strategy. Each correct answer is worth one point.

4. Skills Test - 55 Points

5. Attendance - 24 Points - Two points per class attended. One point credit if student is late or leaves class early.

6. Bonus for Perfect Attendance - 6 Points

Scale for Grading