Initiation Induction 2004

Founding officers: Amy Tapper, Lynn Lundebrek, & Heidi Rogotzke

Concordia College initiated its first group of communication students into the Pi Kappa Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta in the Spring of 2004.  CSTA Students who were initiated that year include: Dori Erickson, Heidi Erickson, Erin Fitzgerald, AnnMarie Fuchs, Narendra Ghimire, Jessica Gourley, Jamie Hanson, Andrea Heimdahl, Lynn Lundebrek, Marshall Moore, Briana Parke, Thomas Reed, Heidi Rogotzke, Amy Roles, Daniel Ryan, Kristin Steffan, Amy Tapper, Brandon Teachout, Tessa Thompson, Hans Thomsen, Heidi Young

DON'T FORGET to mark your calendars for the 2005 Induction Ceremony on Saturday April 2nd at 3:00 in Brown Hall Lounge as part of the Celebration of Excellence. Bring your friends and parents.  Refreshments will be served.

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