Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association (NCA) dedicated to recognizing outstanding achievement in the college classroom.

LPH represents what Aristotle described as the three ingredients of persuasion:
Logos (Lambda) meaning logic, 
Pathos (Pi) relating to emotion, and 
Ethos (Eta) defined as character, credibility, and ethics.

The CSTA Department at Concordia College invites communication studies majors 
to join the Pi Kappa Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta.

The goals of Lambda Pi Eta are to:
Recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement
Stimulate interest in the field of communication
Promote and encourage professional development among communication majors
Provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas about the field
Establish and maintain close relationships and understanding between faculty and students
Explore options for further graduate studies
Members can list this award on scholarship, graduate school, and job applications.
With over 400 chapters, Lambda Pi Eta is an important academic organization that can help you now and in the future.

Minimum requirements for membership:
4 credits in communication courses [16 semester hours]
15 college-wide credits overall [60 semester hours]
College and Communication Major GPA of 3.5
Top 35% of class

For more information, contact:
Aileen Buslig,, Olin 326, ph: 218-299-4236
Greg Carlson,, Olin 320, ph: 218-299-3724

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