Exploration Seminar to Budapest

Where is Hungary

Find out WHY you should take this class.

Here's a link to the necessary forms to go on the trip.

"Top Ten Reasons" you should go to Hungary on an Exploration Seminar

A panoramic view of Matthias Church

Wonder if there are any famous Hungarians?

Here are some photos of Budapest from Summer 2002, and from last year's Exploration Seminar (2003).  Do you recognize anyone?

Plan your free time in Budapest by clicking HERE.  Check out the new links, including restaurant descriptions, prices, and ratings

What's the weather going to be like when we're in Budapest?  Predictions right now say "cold."  Know what to pack by keeping track of the AccuWeather Forecast

Wow.  Check out this great new site.  Good source for some of the class presentation topics too.

Check out this site, where you can see a movie, and get panoramic views of dozens of places in Budapest and Hungary.

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