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Doing research for your communication classes?
What else have I taught?  Some of Aileen's other classes
Do you have communication questions that need answering? Miss Communication (thinks she) knows everything.  Click Here to find out what she knows, or even ask her a question.
Need to know how to cite a reference using APA?  The APA Style Wizard can help!
How do you write a literature review?  View this sample paper, with comments.
Link to a variety of Concordia's indexes and electronic databases to do your research 
  • Try the COM 201 library resource page.
  • Taking Public Speaking?  Try the DISC 109 library resource page instead.
  • Whether you're choosing a topic for DISC 109, or just want to find out more about some unusual topics, The Skeptic's Dictionary makes for some interesting reading (AND it contains reference citations and links)
    Have questions about technology? is a new service available to Concordia students.  On campus, it's easy to use.  Off campus, you'll need a password.
    Find out about some of the latest research in the field of communication: Check out "Communication Currents"!
    COM 314 - Small Group Interaction
    (last taught Fall 2001) 
    Contains a syllabus, descriptions of assignments, and links to student webpages (group project #1)
    COM 380 - Gender and Communication
    (last taught Fall 2002) 
    Contains a syllabus, schedule of final projects, and links to interesting websites about gender issues
    COM 417 - Applied Research Methods
    (last taught Fall 2003) 
      See the syllabus for this class.  If you are thinking about graduate school, or simply want to find out more about how research is done, this is the class to take.
    DISC 109 - Oral Communication
    (last taught Spring 2004) 
      Contains a syllabus, description of assignments, links to the textbook and other interesting websites
    Want to find out if the latest e-mail message sent to you contains a hoax?
    What are you going to do after graduation?
    • might be the most comprehensive site I've seen for discerning the veracity of those e-mail stories, photos, warnings, pleas for help, get-rich-quick scams and more.  Interesting reading, and some of them are true!
    • You can also check out's Urban Legends and Folklore Pages
    Before you get rid of one of your computer's important operating files, check to see if it's actually a real virus at
    Thinking about going to graduate school?  You can start your search with the links here
    Wondering what kind of jobs are out there after you graduate?  Look at this super-cool site I found. 



    Want to design your own webpage?
    What does your personality type mean?
    All on one page!  Links that can help you design your own web pages: Concordia images, using Netscape Composer, scanning your own photos at the Media Learning Center, search for bullets, icons, clipart, backgrounds, and more.
    We talked about personality types in Small Group Communication. Here's a page of links about the MBTI.

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