Hands For Change 2008

On August 25, Club 11 played with children from Nokomis I.

Nokomis I is a child care center that is run entirely on grants and donations.  They provide a safe and caring learning environment for families with special needs.  Children are taught an age appropriate curriculum up until kindergarten.  The mission of Nokomis is that all children deserve the same quality care.

We spent the day with 3-5 year old children.  At the neighborhood park, we played tag, swung on the swings, helped on the monkey bars, played hide-and-seek, helped with story time and even played duck-duck-goose.  Not only did we give the regular teachers a break, we impacted the kids lives by just being their friends and role models.  The also had an impact on us.  We all had a great time together.
A child's laughter is an airplane - 
some people love it.  Some fear it. 
It lifts you up...some get nervous 
if they aren't used to it.
We realized it doesn't matter what your major is, each person has a way they can contribute to Nokomis.

Business- people skills, organization, using money and resources to best ability
Communication - fundraising, increase awareness
Psychology - counseling, comfort, help with families and children, caring
Global studies - awareness of cultural diversity, volunteer work, help with learning English, writing
Music - volunteer, help kids with music
Education - work with and teach kids, volunteer time to help with program
Math - finance help
Health care - dental, pharmacy, nutrition, affordable health service, donations, animals, hands-on medical skills

We all come from different backgrounds and are heading to different futures, but we all found ourselves together at Nokomis.

Students' reflections on their service project at Nokomis Child Care Center through metaphors...
Playing with children is a rollercoaster at Disneyland.  There are ups and downs, thrills and excitement.  Both bring joy to people's faces.
Lending a helping hand is like a gift that keeps on giving.  When you help someone it makes you personally happier and it makes the person you helped happier, and hopefully they will help someone too. 
Children are Energizer bunnies.  They can run forever without tiring.

This page was created based on the words and experiences of Club 11 at Concordia College -- Jalee Abrahamson, Allen Andersen, Brittany Anderson, Rebecca Bellman, David Driscoll, Kaia Duffus, Danielle Freund, Stephanie Goodin, Jenna Green, Rachel Jacobsen, Austin Kopka, Kari Krieger, Justin LaBeaux, Jordan Marken, Kristen Matheson, Sarah Meerkatz, Andrea Rognlien, Johanna Rowell, Russell Schanilec, Carolyn Smith, Lydia Stinar, and Melanie Thompson.
Oh yes, and their orientation leaders, Kera Halvorson and Jarryd Campbell.

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