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Plant Zone Map - USDA find out what planting zone you live in by entering your zip code or select the State you live in. Check your nursery and seed catalogs for

Gardening Blog from the USDA
Plants Database NRCS with plant fact sheets and searchable image gallery 
Plant Materials Minnesota
        Ethnobotany Culturally significant plants

Plant Facts Ohio State hear the scientific names
Plants of Minnesota DNR Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

North Dakota Extension Service has publications for Lawns and Gardens including square foot gardening and annual and perennial flowers selection for North Dakota

Herbal Safety includes herbal fact sheets
Bismark Plant Materials Center
NRCS includes plant fact sheets like pale purple coneflower

Minnesota DNR Tree care
Minnesota Tree Planting Handbook
N.D. Tree Handbook

Gardens, Gardeners, Horticultural Societies
Bergeson Gardens
, Fertile Minnesota
DNR Gardens

Country Scribe by Erik Bergeson
Renegade Gardener by Don Engebretson

Minnesota Horticultural Society
North Dakota Horticultural Society 
University of Minnesota Horticulture Department of Horticultural Science
University of Minnesota Extension Service Gardening and Horticulture

Seed Banks Canadian Botanical Conservation Network

My favorite seed and plant sources

Bergeson Nursery, Fertile Minnesota 
Farmer Seed and Nursery 
Jung Seed 
Pinetree Garden Seeds 
Seed Savers 
Totally Tomato 
Vermont Bean Seed 

And for more links to garden stuff see Dave's 

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