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How to locate audiobooks in the Concordia Library?

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How to listen to items

CD's can be played on a library computer or a CD player
Cassettes can be played on a cassette player
Records can be played on a record player
Audio-files can be listened to using a library computer or MP3 player
    NOTE: Audio-files may require an iPod or a MP3 player

Computer documents may be available to listen to using a screen reader
    ReadPlease is available on all library computers
        Go to Start, Programs, Library tools, ReadPlease, ReadPlease 2003 Free
        Copy and paste a text document, one chapter at a time, into ReadPlease
    Adobe Reader let's you listen to some PDF's - Under View, Read Out Loud

Sources for digital audiobooks and films


AUDIBLE.COM  Click on "browse audio" for a list of titles.





  • LARL collection:
    Create an account at a library in the Lake Agassiz Regional Library system Example: Moorhead Public Library. Use this account to access the eAudiobook collections.

  • netLibrary (BCR) about page

  • netLIBRARY (OCLC) about page  (see Audiobook Subscription Collections)


PLAYAWAY  Click on "Audiobook"

Podcast Directory

RECORDED BOOKS, LLC  Click on one of the "collections" tabs

TeleRead - use a Screen Reader to listen to these digitized books

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