BUS 307 - Healthcare Delivery Building Vocabulary - sample 

Briefly describe your idea:

How do we provide health care for an older Indian from Northwest Minnesota?
Try the example in a search just the way it's written above. 

Use Google - Did you find anything? Is it what you need?
Use MnPALS - Did you find anything?
Use Academic Search Premier - Did you find anything? Is it what you need?
Use Business Source Premier - Did you find anything? Is it what you need?
Use Expanded Academic Index - Did you find anything? Is it what you need?
Use Ethnic News Watch - Did you find anything? Is it what you need?
Use LexisNexis - Did you find anything? Is it what you need?
Use Nursing & Allied Health - Did you find anything? Is it what you need?
Use PubMed - Did you find anything? Is it what you need?
Use Sage eReference Collection - Did you find anything? Is it what you need?

Break up your idea into specific information pieces. At the top of each column write down a description of each specific information piece, then under each column add words that are similar or related. Each column is now lists possible search terms to build a search. Try a search using a combination of these terms in the sources above. 

I found five parts in the above research question. Are there more? Can an area be broken down more? I used dictionaries, encyclopedias and 'one term' searches in the above resources to find more words.

Search terms for
Health care 

Public Health Nurse
Nursing home
Care of Old

Search terms for


Search terms for

Family life 

Search terms for

Native American

Search terms for
NW Minnesota

White Earth Reservation

Name of a newspaper:
Anishinaabeg Today

Use specialized dictionaries & encyclopedias to look up terms and learn more. Try browsing the library shelves in the same location or browse an online title.

Native America in the twentieth century - Print REF E76.2.N3 1994 
Encyclopedia of health care management
Encyclopedia of race, ethnicity and society - Example: Campbell, Gregory R. "Native American health care."
Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society. 2008. SAGE Publications.  

Use a database thesaurus to find terms (subjects, etc) that were used for your topic

LC Subject Headings are used in library catalogs like MnPALS Plus and WorldCat.
    Try "Health services administration". Write down the terms.
MeSH Terms (Medical Subject Headings) are used in NLM Gateway, PubMed and CINAHL
    Choose Find Terms button. Type "health care delivery" in the find term box. Write down the terms.

If you locate a book, you may find more information. Look for the book on the shelves. For example the following item looks like a perfect source...

Culture and the clinical encounter : an intercultural sensitizer for the health professions / Rena C. Gropper. RA418.5.T73G76 1996

But... it is not what I want, or not on the shelves. Try browsing the shelves in the same area. I found these two books that looked promising...

Cultural diversity in health and illness / Rachel Spector. RA418.5. T73S64 2004 

Transcultural health care : a culturally competent approach / [edited by] Larry D. Purnell, Betty J. Paulanka. RA418.5. T73T73 2008

If you look in the book it may not give the exact information you need or the culture you want. If this is for a class paper, you could change your topic to fit. However in a real life situation you will need to find the information that fits the specific need. You will need to dig deeper.  

If you look at the library record for the books, there are subject headings you can explore including Transcultural medical care.  Remember to add this to your search terms. By searching the library catalog you will find additional resources that may more closely match what you are looking for. For example I found the following book with a number of references in the index to Native Americans.

         Caring for patients from different cultures / Geri-Ann Galanti. RT86.54.G35 2008  

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