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Background notes
BBC News - Country Profiles
Earth Calendar - search worldwide holidays and festivals includes a list of Washington, DC Embassies
Global Gastronomer: Cuisines of the World - many of the links don't work any more.
Library of Congress Global Gateway includes
       Country Studies Previously published in print from 1988-98
       Portals of the World Library of Congress selected resources

Market Research Library - International market by countries
State Department - Travel Warnings   Learn about your destination
Time and Date with site map includes date by country
United Nations CyberSchoolBus - slow to load
United Nations Development Group
World Factbook
World flag database

References and databases

Britannica Encyclopedia
Business Source Premier: BSI 
     Click on Country Reports under Browse
     Select a country by clicking on the country name 

Credo Reference Online
Daily Life Through History
     1. Search for non-English language news
            Select General tab
            Select Major World publications (non-English),
            Type in your search terms
            Sort Results Group by language.
     2. Search within a specific paper/source from a country
            Select the Sources Tab
            Select New and Business
            Select the country you want
            Select the Category you wish to search
            Select sources you wish to search and Click OK to continue,
            Enter your search terms to search these sources

World & Journal and World & I kids and World & I School

For more links to Country information try               Global Edge

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