Review of resources Inquiry 100: Water and the Environment with Mark Jensen

Magazines, Journals, Trade Journals, News - What's the difference? Identifying characteristics

Articles - scholarly article, review, popular   Review: Vanderbilt video 

Primary vs. Secondary - documents and articles
            Primary Documents
- original material, discipline dependent
            Primary Scientific Research Articles
- original research, look for methodology and experiment clues primary science research article
            Secondary Articles
- someone else's interpretation of material taken from primary documents examples: review of a topic, opinions, reports, etc...

Articles: Evaluate content of your potential sources and cite your sources
            PASS evaluation
 details for paper, web and articles
                 see also: tips for finding authority

            Why Cite?
            RefWorks Create an account the a folder for class. Save article citations to your folder, use Write-N-Cite to work with your paper and documents. 

Building Search vocabulary templates:  Search terms template  concept map
     Find background information and define terms with reference works
        Vocabulary examples: Ground water, hydrologic cycle, pollution, calcium arsenate, nitrates, iron
        Online reference sources
CQ Researcher  or  Credo Reference  or  Issues and Controversies
ChemID Plus search for chemical, links to HSDB Hazardous Substance Databank
Molecule of the week from ACS

        Print reference sources - look at surrounding shelf area for similar titles
            Dictionary of environmental science and technology
    Ref GE10.P67 2000
            Encyclopedia of global change    Ref GE149.E53 2002
            Pollution A-Z    Ref TD173.P65 2004

            Water science and issues
    Ref GB655.W38 2003

            Chemical Elements    QD466.N46 1999
            Encyclopedia of Elements
    Ref QD466.E54 2004
            The history and use of our earth's chemical elements    Ref QD466.K744 2006
            Sittig's handbook of toxic and hazardous chemicals and carcinogens    Ref RA1215.S58

            Dictionary of environmentally important chemicals    Ref TD196. C45A97 1999
            Chemical and process technology encyclopedia    Ref TP9.C49
            Concise encyclopedia of chemical technology    Ref TP9.K57 1999
            Hazardous chemicals desk reference    Ref T55.3.H3L49 2002

Journal, magazine, newspaper article content is found using an index or database
Academic Search Premier
            American Chemical Society - See also Chemistry databases
National Library of Medicine (NLM) Gateway
searches across PubMed, Toxnet...
Proquest Newspapers or LexisNexis or CQ Weekly for newspapers

Books and Government publications
WorldCat - Search local libraries and libraries from around the world

GPO Access - government publications

Other government water information
            World Bank water resources management
Minnesota Ground Water Directory
Minnesota Pollution Control Water Monitoring and Reporting
Stream Monitoring Program - Data search
Lake Monitoring Program - Data search
Ground Water data and programs - Data search text
Global Change and extreme hydrology: testing conventional wisdom. Committee on Hydrologic Science; National Research Council c.2011

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