Review of resources Inquiry 100: Filming the Future with Brian Luther

Magazines, Journals, Trade Journals, News - What's the difference? Identifying characteristics

Articles - scholarly article, review, popular   Review: Vanderbilt video 

Primary vs. Secondary - documents and articles

Annotations and evaluation

Potential Sources

American decades     Ref E169.12.A42 (1900-current)
American pop culture decade by decade
    Ref E169.1.A97 2009
Film review index     Ref PN 1995.F48
Encyclopedia of film    
Ref PN 1993.45 G736 2007
Index to critical film reviews     Ref PN 1995.B78
Magillís cinema annual
    Ref PN 1993.45.M33   1982-current
Magillís survey of cinema        Ref PN 1995.M32
New York Times directory of the film        Ref PN1995.N39 1971
Overlook film encyclopedia science fiction
    Ref PN 1995.9 .S26 O94 1995
100 years of American film
    Ref PN 1993.5.U6 A59 2000

Academic Search Premier
Daily Life through history
LexisNexis: Consumer Information
ProQuest Newspapers

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