Review of resources Inquiry 100: Becoming a leader (Legler)

Magazines, Journals, Trade Journals, News - What's the difference? Identifying characteristics

Articles - scholarly article, review, popular  Review: Vanderbilt video 

Primary vs. Secondary - documents and articles

Articles: Evaluate content of your potential sources and cite your sources

PASS evaluation  details for paper, web and articles see also: tips for finding authority

Why Cite?Use your Hacker's book to check citations

RefWorks Create an account. Create a folder for your class. Save article citations to your folder. 

Building Search vocabulary templates:  Search terms template  concept map
     Find background information and define terms with reference works. 
        Online reference sources
Sage Reference Online

                    Credo Reference contains The ultimate business resource          

        Issue driven online reference sources
    CQ Researcher 
    Issues and Controversies
                    Points of View Reference                   

        Print reference sources - similar titles may be in the same shelf area       

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management        Ref HD 30.15.B573 2005
Encyclopedia of Leadership       
Ref HD57.7 .E53 2004
The ultimate business resource       
Ref HD38.15.B87 2006

Finding a resource from a citation or bibliography

Book from a citation - search MnPALS Plus or WorldCat
Article from a citation - search FindIt

Journal, magazine, newspaper article content is found using an index or database

Academic Search Premier - add Business Source Premier

Proquest Newspapers or LexisNexis or CQ Weekly for newspapers

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