Library resources Inquiry 100: Caveman to Chemist (Mork)

Periodical characteristics

Articles - Primary vs. Secondary - Article characteristics  Vanderbilt video  on scholarly vs popular articles
             NOTE: Humanities topics and Science topics may differ when defining primary and secondary articles.

Articles: Evaluate content of your potential sources

Why Cite?

Building Search vocabulary Search terms template  concept map
        Look for words that describe ideas, names of people mentioned in articles. Try words that may have been used in history. In the past chemistry topics may be under alchemy or magic.

Reference resources: for background information, building vocabulary, finding people... 

Subject specific references may also have historical biographies

NOTE: Find out when and where your person and/or idea originated. Look for sources that give you information on culture, beliefs and activities of the people of that time and place.


Journal, magazine, newspaper article content is found using an index or database

RefWorks Create an account and folder for class, saves items to your RefWorks folder.

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