Book locations in Chemistry

* Thesaurus for library catalogs is the Library of Congress Subject Headings

Library of Congress Classification System used to organize most Concordia Library materials

     QD Chemistry
     QD71 - QD142 Analytical chemistry
     QD146 - QD197 Inorganic Chemistry
     QD241 - QD441Organic Chemistry
     QD450 - QD731 Physical Chemistry
     QD901 - QD999 Crystallography
     RA1190 - RA1270 Toxicology
     RS1 - RS441 Pharmacy
     TP Chemical Technology
     Q Science (General)
     QP Physiology
     QP501 - QP801 Animal biochemistry

Dewey Decimal Location Numbers used to organize Curriculum materials, most Public Libraries
     Curriculum Text 535 & 540 Chemistry textbooks
     540 Chemistry & allied sciences
     541 Physical & theoretical chemistry
     542 Techniques, equipment, materials
     543 Analytical chemistry
     544 Qualitative analysis
     545 Quantitative analysis
     546 Inorganic chemistry
     547 Organic chemistry
     548 Crystallography

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