Looking for a Job?

Job/Co-op Listings Career Center, Concordia
        GoingGlobal  contains more than 80,000 resources for finding international employment at home and abroad

Newspaper Classifieds. Find a newspaper in the location you would like to work, check want ads, classifieds, job postings.
        The newspaper for Fargo/Moorhead is Fargo Forum and in-Forum for online edition
        Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media    Ref PN4867 .A97

Reference Sources may list employment contacts, human resource personnel, or job opportunities.
        Book of U.S. Government Jobs    Ref JK 716 .D36 
        Dun's Employment Opportunities Directory    Ref HF5382.5.U5 D86 2007
        Guide to America's Federal Jobs        Ref JK692.G85
        Occupational Outlook Handbook
        Washington DC, Job Source

Trade Journals are published by organizations and associations and frequently have job listings.
        Magazines for Libraries  Ref Z6941.M23   use to find a trade journal of interest
        Gale Directory Library - includes Encyclopedia of Associations National and International

Books Still can't find a job that fits your interests? Try a book. Search MnPALS  Try some of these search terms
        Job hunting
        Job vacancies
        Jobs for college graduates
        Jobs for majors
        Industries directory
        Corporations directory
        Business enterprises directory

See also: Finding company Information
        WHERE you want to work?
        Marketing yourself... Resumes, Interviewing...
        How to gain job experience... volunteer, internship...
        More links to job listings

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