When searching for statistics think about who will gather the data and how it will be published. 

Who gathers statistical data
        National & International statistical offices
        Government departments and agencies
        Trade associations
How is this data published or made available
        Government surveys, publications and administrative records
        Research and industry reports
        Bank reports
        News releases
        Trade journals     

Business & Agriculture

FedStats "gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies" search by state or agency includes Economic and Financial Data of the United States

US Census Bureau collects population and business statistics use American Fact Finder Dataset  
     Census 2010 or Census 2000 population statistics
     People household and economic topics, search by city, county and state
     Business includes 5 year Economic Census and various business surveys
     Economic Indicators
     Foreign Trade
     Geography census data sets for mapping
     County Business Patterns NAICS, Zip Code, Metro
     Statistical abstract of the United States Ref HA202 print 2009-current    

US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis  
     ITA - International Trade Administration Trade Statistics Express search for national and state trade

USDA  National Agricultural Statistics Service collects data related to agriculture.
     Census of Agriculture and various reports like Commodity reports 
     Economic Research Service - sorted by commodity, geography and topic. Data

US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics collects data related to labor. Data tools
     Inflation and Consumer Spending with Consumer Price Index and inflation calculator
     Wages, Earnings and Benefits 
     Safety and Health on the Job
     Occupations with Occupational Outlook Handbook Ref HF5381.A1O36 print
     Employment and Unemployment
     Industry at a Glance

Education & Health

ChildStats Federal interagency forum on Child and Family Statistics. Data sources
H-CUPnet has national, regional and state health statistics on hospital stays
NCES National Center for Education Statistics Data toolssearch or browse Digest of Education Statistics
CDC Center for Disease Control, National Center for Health Statistics Surveys and Data collection
US Dept. of Education - Research and Statistics

Environmental Statistics

        EPA (Environmental Projection Agency) includes statistics on
            Clean Air Markets
            Air Quality Trends
            National Air Pollutant Emission Trends 
            Climate Change includes Green house gas emissions inventories
        EIA (Energy Information Administration) includes statistics
            Annual Energy Outlook Includes interactive table viewer of data
            U.S. Electricity
       National Environmental Protection Act  Council on Environmental Quaility Statistical Programs 2014
       Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
                Wetlands Losses by Current State Boundaries, 1780s -1980s       
       U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has information on
            Endangered Species      TESS reports - search by US Counties


United Nations Statistical Division - Population Size and Density overview
     Commodity Trade Statistical Database - International statistics
Statistical Databases
Demographic Yearbook print available 1970-2001 Ref HA17.D45

Central Intelligence Agency US
     World Factbook

CIAO click on maps and country data restricted access to Concordia US Government Export Portal International trade and economic statistics Tradedata
Global statistics 

INEGI Mexico economic statistics 
OECD with 30 countries as members collect data on economic and social issues 
Population Reference Bureau
Statistics Canada
World Geography and Culture Online restricted access to Concordia


Minnesota Data Resources Migrating to new domain names. Minnesota Planning houses a number of systems which provide dynamic data delivery.  The agency also provides a number static (i.e. flat file) data tables.

Minnesota State Demographic Center  Data by topic includes Milestones

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