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Accounting Review 2000-  
Academy of Management 2000-
American City & Country  1970-
American Economic Review 2004-
American Economist 1985-
American Enterprise 1991-
American Journal of Economics and Sociology 1969-

Barron's current year (Newspapers)
Brandweek 2002-
Brookings Review 1982-2003 
Business & Professional Ethics Journal  1981-
Business Ethics 1990-
Business Ethics Quarterly 1991-
Business History Review 1971-1987
Business Journal (MN) current year (Newspapers)
Business Week 1955-

Consumer Reports 1967-
Corporate report Minnesota 1994-2000

Economic Geography
Economic Indicators
Economica (London, England) 2001-
Economist 1968-
Europe 1979-2002
European Economic Review 1969-1977
Far Eastern Economic Review 1993-
Fedgazette (Newspapers)
Finance & Development 1994-
Forbes Magazine 1996-
Fortune 1996-
Future Survey 1996-
Futurist 1974-

Gallup 1970-1988
Group & Organization Management 1998-

Harvard Business Review 1922-
Human Factors 1975-2001, 2007-
Industrial & Labor Relations Review 1984- 
International Labour Review 1971- 
International Organization 2003-

Journal of Accountancy 1996-
Journal of Advertising 1995-
Journal of Advertising Research 1994-
Journal of Business (Chicago) 2002-03
Journal of Business Ethics 1992-
Journal of Economic History 2001-
Journal of Economic Literature 2004-
Journal of Economic Perspectives 2004-
Journal of Finance 2001-
Journal of Political Economy  2000-
Journal of Retailing 1985-1993

Labor History 1970-1987

Management Communication Quarterly 1989-2006
Minnesota Business 2002-
Minnesota Employment Review 1998-     
Minnesota Monthly 1996-current
MIT Sloan Management Review 2007-
Money 1986-
Monthly Labor Review 1996-

National Tax Journal 1996-

Occupational Outlook Quarterly 2001-
OECD Observer 1985-
Organization Studies 2003-

Population & Development Review 2004-
Prairie Business 2004-
Public Opinion Quarterly 2001-
Public Perspective 1996-2003

Quarterly Journal of Economics 2001-
Quarterly Review of Economics and Business 1985-1991
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 1992-

Survey of Current Business 1996-
Value Line current Ref HG4501.V26

Wall Street Journal
current 3 months in print, ProQuest online version 1984- 

Electronic - Magazines & Journals at Concordia

Business Source Premier includes many full-text journals, magazines and resources.
LexisNexis Business Collection Click on 'source list' to search specific titles. 

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Management & Organization Studies: A SAGE Full-Text Collection

Action Research 2003-
Advances in Developing Human Resources 2001-
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources 2002-
Business and Society 1986-
Compensation & Benefits Review 1997-
Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 1984-
Economic and Industrial Democracy 1980-
European Journal of Industrial Relations 1995-
European Small Business Journal
     (continued by International Small Business Journal)
Group & Organization Management 1982-
Group Organization Studies
     (continued by Group & Organization Management)
Human Relations 1948-
Human Resource Development Review 2002-
Industrial & Environment Crisis Quarterly (continued by Organization & Environment)
International Journal of Cross Cultural Management 2001-
International Small Business Journal 1982-
Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 1987-
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research 2006-
Journal of Industrial Relations 2006-
Journal of Macromarketing 1992-
Journal of Management 1975-
Journal of Management Education 1989-
Journal of Management Inquiry 1992-
Journal of Marketing Education 1982-
Journal of Service Research 1998-
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 1992-
Leadership 2005-
Management Communication Quarterly 1987-
Management Learning 1994-
Marketing Theory 2001-
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 1993-
Organization 1994-
Organization & Environment 1995-
Organization Studies 1999-
Organizational Research Methods 1998-
Public Works Management & Policy 1997-
Simulation & Games
     (continued by Simulation & Gaming)
Simulation & Gaming 1970-
Small Group Behavior
     (continued by Small Group Research)
Sociology of Work and Occupations
     (continued by Work and Occupations)
Strategic Organization 2003-
Work and Occupations 1974-
Work, Employment & Society 1987-

JSTOR historical content for a number of business and economic journals. Concordia has four JSTOR collections including the Arts & Sciences I, II, III and compliment  collections. Example of titles in Arts & Science I

     American Economic Review 
     Economic Journal 
     International Organization 
     Journal of Applied Econometrics 
     Journal of Business
     Journal of Economic History 
     Journal of Economic Literature 
     Journal of Economic Perspectives 
     Journal of Finance 
     Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 
     Journal of Industrial Economics 
     Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 
     Journal of Political Economy 
     Public Opinion Quarterly 
     Quarterly Journal of Economics 
     Review of Economic Studies 
     Review of Economics and Statistics 
     Review of Financial Studies 

Project MUSE journal list includes the following full-text business journals. Search Project MUSE

Economics journals
     Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
     Brookings Trade Forum
     Brookings-Wharton Papers on Financial Services
     Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs
     e-Service Journal    
     Good Society, The (new for 2002)
     History of Political Economy
     Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
     Labor Studies Journal

     Advertising & Society Review

ScienceDirect journal list - Items with a green box are available full-text. Search ScienceDirect
       Business Management and Accounting Journals 
       Decision Science Journals
       Economics, Econometrics and Finance Journals 
       Computer Science Journals

Regional Government Publications

       Minnesota Labor Market Publications including Minnesota Economic Trends & Minnesota Employment Review
       Twin Cities Business

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