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My research areas include dynamic equations and inequalities on time scales, differential equations, difference equations, q-difference equations, discrete dynamical systems, integral inequalities, boundary value problems, and asymptotic analysis. My co-authors are listed in the left-hand column. Calculated in several different ways, my Erdös Number=4.

4 Douglas Robert Anderson coauthored with Ru Yun Ma
MR2219121 (2006m:39002)
3 Ru Yun Ma coauthored with Harold B. Thompson
MR2079645 (2006c:34040)
2 Harold B. Thompson coauthored with Edward T. Ordman
MR0360912 (50 #13359)
1 Edward T. Ordman coauthored with Paul Erdös
MR0790923 (86g:05048)

4 Douglas Robert Anderson coauthored with Irena Rachůnková
MR2306036 (2008c:39012)
3 Irena Rachůnková coauthored with Ravi P. Agarwal
MR2018767 (2004i:34047)
2 Ravi P. Agarwal coauthored with Steven George Krantz
1 Steven George Krantz coauthored with Paul Erdös
MR0957190 (89i:05225)

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