2003 Math May Seminar

  • Class Photo Journal

  • In terms of the itinerary, I thought that it was great. The fact that we were active really made the trip more enjoyable. The hiking that was done, and also getting up and going in the mornings definitely helped us to maximize our time.

  • This trip was an excellent primer for international travel. I feel as though I could have come on my own and done okay traveling around, but my confidence about travel of this sort has definitely increased due to this seminar. I really enjoyed seeing some of the things we talked about in class, as they served as reinforcement for what was previously learned.

  • I have learned a lot of things on this trip that could probably be learned from a textbook, like when the volcano on Santorini erupted and information about the Roman Forum. I could even see pictures of everything I saw, but somehow experiencing something like the Sistine Chapel or a place like Olympia is very different than just reading about it. Somewhere between Mykonos and the banks of the River Thames, I have become comfortable traveling in cities and towns with which I am unfamiliar.

  • While it was interesting to see all the art, archaeological sites, & other places on our trip, it was just as interesting to be exposed to such a variety of new cultures. This was not an experience that we will soon forget; in fact, most of us will probably remember this experience the rest of our lives.

  • Personally I grew into a more independent person and also learned to open up around people I don't know well. Having to get from place to place and having to take the initiative regarding what I wanted to see allowed me to form my own experience on the trip. It forced me to decide for myself as well as to take responsibility for those choices.

  • Finding myself immersed in a new place of European culture as I travelled from city to city, island to island, and country to country was intriguing, exciting, and tiring as well. My four-week trip to Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, and England was one of the most amazing exeriences of my life. From streets of Santorini to the mountains of Switzerland, and from the cathedrals in Florence to the bridges in London, every aspect of the trip surpassed my wildest dreams.

  • Through the experiences gained from this four-week overseas adventure, I have learned that I enjoy traveling and seeing places around the world previously foreign to me. I like traveling with a group for the companionship/fellowship, but I also appreciate having the freedom to choose things and go places independently of others.

  • A lot of the things that I experienced had more impact on me than I can imagine. Being able to see ruins that are over 3000 years old was incredible. To be able to see ancient history and how it has impacted us today is unbelievable.

  • I think that Concordia's May Seminars not only provide a participating student with a great educational experience, but also with a new aspect of the world and how it functions. This trip has provided me with new friends, new memories, and most importantly, a new outlook on people of other cultures.

  • The museums we went to in London were incredible, so many interesting exhibits. The Science Museum had rockets and steam engines and others that I enjoyed. In the Natural History Museum there were the rocks and fossils. The best one was the Imperial War Museum...I could have spent all day in there.

  • Seeing the artwork, arches, telescopes, and measuring devices was very interesting. Bofore this class, I had little knowledge about the importance of mathematics, both in the past and in our present lives. Seeing the different aspects of math--from ancient ruins to determining longitude--gave me a broad knowledge of the role of math in my life.

  • Throughout this trip many decisions were made regarding what to do and things like that. I realized that a lot of the time it was me making decisions for several people. I am definitely a leader, not a follower. The group has also allowed me to have more patience and tolerance. These are just a few of the many lessons I have learned. I am glad I went on this trip because of the memories and lessons that will not soon be forgotten.

  • Overall, this was a wonderful learning experience. It was something that I would have never seen myself doing 10 years ago, but after doing it I am really pleased! It was definitely a trip of a lifetime!

  • Within the European nations themselves, I noticed that different forces seemed to drive each culture. For example, in Greece the country's ancient history is the driving force. In Italy, cathedrals and religious history tied the country together. Switzerland differed the most. The country seemed to follow the inspirations of the landscape rather than human influences. In Paris art and architecture were the focus. In London the culture of the city revolved around the theatre and the royal family.

  • This trip has been absolutely amazing. I have made so many friends and had so many incredible experiences in this past month. I have also learned a few things about myself. I have learned that I am a stronger person and more independent than I thought I was. Before we left I didn't know how I could go so long without talking to my family. I also wasn't sure about going off in a small group and being safe, but I have made it and I feel confident that I could come back and travel by myself or with a small group of friends.

  • Overall I was very happy with the way I experienced this May Seminar. The sites and experiences will be something I will remember for days to come.

  • The little things I have learned are that everyone is different and are going to have completely different views than my own and I need to accept that. I have learned that other cultures around the world are special in their own way and there is no way you can compare them to any other cultures.

Mathematics May Seminar