2001 Math Seminar

  • Class Photo Journal

  • One of the things Concordia has always tried to do is expose the students to other cultures. May Seminars throw us students into many different cultures for a brief amount of time. It is easy to see differences between cultures at a glance, but it is hard to truly grasp what a society is all about from the few short days we are there as tourists.

  • Being exposed to the culture in Egypt and Italy, along with a special opportunity I received, has taught me so much more about other cultures in one month than my 21 years in the United States. Because of the combination of history, tradition, and entertainment that Italy provided, I think it was my favorite country that we visited.

  • As I've been through many cultures on this trip I've experienced some of the differences, the practices, and some other interesting things. Even though we live in the same world there are many different things each of us do.

  • People, like snowflakes, are never identical. With this said it should come as no surprise that cultures made up of people differ from country to country or state to state or even city to city.

  • It is said that your first impression can either make or break you in an interview. Similar to an interview, I feel as though I only saw each country for that initial visit and that I was not able to experience each city's inner beauty.

  • As tourists, we don't get to see enough of a culture to make any real judgments about it. But what we did see in both Egypt and England revealed many similarities in the areas of traffic and tourism, despite the obvious, large differences in the countries' economic and population makeup.

  • We have been exposed to many different things on this trip, especially when it comes to culture. I feel very blessed to be able to experience these cultural differences and similarities with this group. Even though I didn't always "do as the Romans do", I still feel the trip was a great success and I am thankful that I was able to be part of this amazing experience.

  • Whatever the differences or similarities between Egypt, England, or any other country we visited, the most important thing to recognize is that culture penetrates the entire society. It is vital that the visitor recognizes how the culture is different from their own. Though it takes energy to adopt, it's easier (& a lot more fun experience!) to blend in with a different culture.

Mathematics May Seminar