May 26, 2011: London Day 4!

It was a cold, windy, and rainy day and we always seemed to be outside either waiting for the bus, looking at Stonehenge, or walking to the Salisbury Cathedral. Even though it rained (which did add an aura of mystery to Stonehenge), it was still a great last day of site-seeing. It was fascinating to learn about the mysteries of how and why Stonehenge was built. Over the years the theories about its construction have ranged from wizards to giants to aliens, so Jon even got his fill of alien theories in for the day. We were all captivated by the site, but everyone was too cold to stay for very long.

After a short bus ride into the town of Salisbury, we explored the medieval complex of the Salisbury Cathedral featuring the tallest church spire in the UK, the world’s oldest working mechanical clock, and the best preserved original copy of the Magna Carta. The cathedral was incredibly large and beautiful. It had amazing stained glass windows and a large inner courtyard with massive trees. It was a great last stop for our trip.

We had a late lunch at a local pub in Salisbury before making the trek back to London. Melissa and Rachel G decided to take full advantage of their last night near the West End in London and went to see The Lion King, whilst the rest of us decided to go out together for one last round of fish and chips.

The mysterious Stonehenge.

The wet group (Doc, Andrew, Amy, Regina, Amanda, Laura, Tallack, Matt, Rachel P, Kristyn, Rachel G, Jordan, and Erin) in front of Stonehenge.

Salisbury Cathedral features the UK’s tallest church spire, which is so heavy the supporting pillars can be seen bending inward under the weight.

Whole group (sans Regina, who was acting photographer) inside the Salisbury Cathedral.

World’s oldest working mechancial clock. There is no clock face, but it chimes every hour.

Matt, Jon, and Tallack looking at a reflecting fountain in Salisbury Cathedral.

Math May Seminar, Pictures 2011